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As with everyone, the art world is adjusting to our worldwide emergency. Most galleries, museum and art organizations are either temporary closing or switching to appointment only. Visit our galleries with the links provided to view available works.


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June  Openings:
Month of June:

Saks Galleries
Gallery group show

American Block by Alfred Eisenstaedt and other photographers

Chez Mondrian by Andre Kertesz and other photographers

Wednesday, June 2
Abend Gallery
Aiden Kringen Solo Exhibition. The show may be viewed by appointment only and online here. Within this series of paintings, I wanted to portray the “spirit” of the individual rather than the literal person behind the figure. Each piece represents the idea of a soul “visualized” as the energy they put out into the world. The essence of a person that can’t be destroyed but remains even after deat

Wednesday, June 9
Abend Gallery

Alexandra Manukyan's first solo exhibition with the gallery. In all of my paintings, the viewer is rewarded with new worlds to explore. First, you are invited to learn the story of the figures. Their expressive postures are enhanced by beautiful outfits and jewelry, most of which were also made by myself. I combine heavy with soft, rigid with fluid to create a dramatic union of contrasts that invoke a sense of compelling wonder. The women are strong and sensual, depicting the balance of grace and power. View the exhibit

Friday, June 4
Plinth Gallery
, ceramic works by Jonathan Kaplan. Architecture and geometry are of significant influence in the artist's ceramic work. Understanding the concepts of Christopher Alexander's "A Pattern Language," the artist builds ceramic constructions that follow a system of patterns, a language used the building of ideas that are based on groups or sets of related "patterns." Much as architecture embodies concept, design, and structure, Jonathan's ceramic work uses patterns and is architectonically based on a unifying structural design.
Through July 31

Rule Gallery
Extended evening hours, 6-8p
Jason DeMarte, Trappings of Arcadia. Arcadia is an idyllic and pastoral vision of the landscape as an unspoiled wilderness. This image of natural perfection first gained popularity in the18th century during the rise of Romanticism, where artists, poets, and musicians sought to transport us there. Additionally, American painter Martin Johnson Heade followed his own explorations by creating romantically inspired paintings of tropical birds and fauna from Central and South America. Heade's expressions of unspoiled wilderness along with the Romantics are the inspiration for Jason DeMarte's new series Arcadia. In this series, DeMarte transports us to a lush landscape, but one where our modern consumer lifestyle has infiltrated, leading to a homogenized reality of artificial ecstasy. Read the review:
No appointment necessary / masks required
Through June 19

Friday, June 11
William Havu Gallery
Opening Reception, 5-8 pm
Beneath the Surface: Clay Johnson + Laura Wait and featuring new work by Sheryl Zacharia. Johnson began his current series of work shortly after relocating to Wyoming, and, while essentially non-objective, the paintings contain a sense of the wide open landscape of the American west. Clay currently lives and works in Laramie, Wyoming. Quoting Laura Wait, “Word forms as image are the primary focus of my art. I use words to form marks and symbols, adding layers to create history and depth of imagery. The words are often abstract and illegible, relying on our intuitive connection with symbols to help them make sense. My marks are somewhat random and often related to music, with layers of painted marks acting as layers of melody and rhythm.
Attendance limited to maintain social distancing
Through July 31

Saturday, June 12
Walker Fine Art
On view from 1-3 PM
Remind Me Tomorrow
, Sammy Lee, solo exhibition at the Emmanuel Art Gallery. Please join the Walker Fine Art team at the gallery for a special reception with the artist.  Emmanuel Art Gallery, 1205 10th St Plaza, Denver, CO 80204 Website / info Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 10 AM - 2 PM. Parking at Tivoli Parking Garage, 901 Walnut Street.  Denver Post review
Through Thursday, July 15


Saks Galleries
Deborah Bays
Open Mic in Paris
24" x 18" Pastel

Alfred Eisenstaedt
American Block

Abend Gallery
Aiden Kringen
Lumière 4, 2021
Oil on copper panel 12 x 6 in

Abend Gallery
Alexandra Manukyan
Where the Winds May Take You, 2021
oil on Belgian Linen 18 x 18 in
View the exhibit

Plinth Gallery
Jonathan Kaplan
Trio 2
Through July 31

Rule Gallery
Jason DeMarte
nstallation view, Trappings of Arcadia
Through June 19

William Havu Gallery
Laura Wait
Snow Moon Graffiti
acrylic & mixed media on panel, 42 x 48 inches
Through July 31

Walker Fine Art
Sammy Lee
Arrived, 2016
Suitcases, mixed media
Denver Post review
Through Thursday, July 15


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K Contemporary

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Rule Gallery
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Visions West Contemporary
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William Havu Gallery
William Matthews

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