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As with everyone, the art world is adjusting to our worldwide emergency. Most galleries, museum and art organizations are either temporary closing or switching to appointment only. Visit our galleries with the links provided to view available works.


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September Openings:

Month of September:

Abend Gallery
60/60/60, Samantha Buller Solo Exhibit. "In 2016 I was trying to find balance between being a new mom and staying inspired to paint. Thinking back to a course in college developed by artist Craig Nelson, I remembered how much I loved being pushed to create small works quickly, sometimes 6-8 in one day. It was a freeing experience for me, if the painting was successful- amazing! It was quick and I had fun painting it. On the other hand, if a painting failed miserably- no problem, I learned along the way and only spent an hour or less of my life on it". View the exhibit

Abend Gallery
Captivating Creatures, Morgan Cameron Solo Exhibition. Artist Statement: This show is focusing on branching out with new creatures and new environments. Pushing myself to grow and incorporate my style in new ways by adding more landscape elements and figures. Overall my focus is on movement, trying to use textures and markings to make the animals feel as if they?re moving, or the atmosphere/environment is moving around the animals. This is a technique I don?t feel I have mastered quite yet, but I am constantly trying to explore and push the idea and figure out what makes a still painting feel alive! -Morgan Cameron. May be viewed by appointment only. View the exhibit

Fri. September 10 and Sat. 11
Walker Fine Art
Opening 5-8 pm and Saturday, September 11, 11am-5pm Spectrum of Being, with artists: Sabin Aell, Lindsy Halleckson, Farida Hughes, Chris Richter, Jane Guthridge, and Sara Pittman. Aristotle developed the first known theory of color, believing it was sent by God from heaven through celestial rays of light. From Newton to Geothe, studies on the spectrums of color and light have been conducted for millennia, and while the sciences of these matters are now widely accepted artists continue to experiment with the use of these concepts to induce varying emotions through their work. In SPECTRUM OF BEING, 6 artists bridge the intuitive and the visceral to address the viewers? individual life experiences. This exhibition serves as an invitation to the shared visual experiences of human existence Through November 6

September 11

Abend Gallery
Deep Forest Light, Thane Gorek Solo Exhibition." The subject of my paintings is the beauty of the natural world. Having grown up in Colorado, I?ve spent a lot of time hiking and camping in the forests of the Rocky Mountains. This has instilled in me a deep love of the Western landscape. Most often, my paintings feature trees and forests. These are depicted in a stylized manner in order to reflect the sense of wonder I experience while in nature. I often use exaggerated colors, shapes, and textures to capture the strange contortions of aspen trees or the dazzling beauty of sun-dappled foliage. Above all, I hope my work brings a sense of joy, wonder, and tranquility to the viewer." May be viewed by appointment only. View the exhibit

Friday, September 17
Visions West Contemporary
Shelley Reed: Solo Exhibition. Reed is inspired by the layers of specific symbolic cultural language of Northern European Baroque paintings of the 17th and 18th century. More specifically, Melchior de  Hondecoeter, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, and Frans Snyders. Even though visual language and symbolism has evolved vastly, Reed utilizes 17th and 18th century imagery to  create complex narratives that speak to fundamentals of  human behavior such as danger and desire.
Through October 30

Saturday, September 18
Abend Gallery

Animalia III
, an online exhibition with participating artists: Marisa Aragon Ware, Sarah Becktel, Lindsey Bittner Graham, Mary Chiaramonte, Christopher Clark, Marina Dieul, Ed Fairburn, Nanci France-Vaz, Dana Hawk, Lucia Heffernan, Robin Hextrum, Austin Howlett, Cody Jimenez, Deb Komitor, Calvin Lai, Che Leviathan, Rhonda Libbey, Claudia Martucci, Patrick Maxcy, John McLeod, Yuko Montgomery, Susan McDonnell, Kevin Moore, Ryan Morse, JC Spock, Corina St Martin, Linda Tracey Brandon, Phillip Singer, Shawn Sullivan, Christy Stallop, Sophy Tuttle and Jess Wathen


September 24
William Havu Gallery

Presenting Preludes, a solo exhibition by Cuban-born artist, Carlos Estevez. Preludes will be Estevez?s first solo exhibition in Colorado and will  include over 20 paintings. William Havu Gallery is  honored to present this exhibition. On the mezzanine  will be a new series of recent, experimental studies by Homare Ikeda.
Through November 6



Abend Gallery
Samantha Buller
Sunday Baking, 2021
Oil on panel 6 x 6 in
View the exhibit

Abend Gallery
Morgan Cameron
Get My Good Side, 2021
Oil on panel

Walker Fine Art
 Lindsy Halleckson
Through November 6

Abend Gallery
Thane Gorek
Spirit Moon, 2021
Oil on board 16 x 16 in

Visions West Contemporary
Shelley Reed
oil on paper 30" X 22"

Through October 30

Abend Gallery
Animalia III
an online exhibition

William Havu Gallery
Carlos Est?ez
Habitable Inhabitants
Oil & watercolor pencil on canvas, 66 x 100
Through November 6



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