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DADA Charitable Donations Guidelines

DADA adheres to a strict set of guidelines regarding charitable donations.

While each DADA member may participate with various charities of its choosing on an individual basis, DADA itself follows a set of criteria that protects the organization from ethical dilemmas that confront our industry.

The Charity & Donations Committee serves to screen donation requests from various organizations that request art, time, space, funds, and contributions in other forms from DADA. In carrying out this function, our committee focuses on developing relationships with select charities that will enhance DADA’s goals to: "raise awareness and stimulate growth in the visual arts throughout the front-range." This can best be achieved through aligning DADA with other arts-orientated organizations. In each of our relationships, there must be a mutual benefit for DADA, as well as concern for protecting the art market in general, as well as for serving the best interests of artists who may be asked to donate works.

DADA’s principles regarding charitable donations are as follows:

1. In order for DADA to consider supporting a charity, that charity must have an arts-related mission.

2. All works of art that a charity offers for sale at auction must carry a minimum bid established by DADA’s Charity and Donations Committee. Generally, this is 50% of the retail value. Artists may receive partial proceeds from sales if specified before the donation is secured.

3. Participating galleries will be given full credit and the greatest visibility during event and through advertising of events. DADA will be acknowledged, as are other corporate donors in printed materials and other event advertising. DADA must be provided the opportunity to review and approve any printed materials that use its name or its logo before publication.

4. DADA member(s) will be allowed to participate in setup of artwork for event, and organization must agree that DADA members’ works will be properly displayed.

5. All DADA members participating in a charitable event will be given a minimum of two tickets to the event for their contributions, no matter what the individual ticket cost. Members may opt to forego comp tickets in an effort to generate more funds for the charity.

6. Charitable organizations will provide DADA with a full report of sales, including name, address and item purchased from each patron who purchased artwork from the event (within 30 days).

7. Year end reports and executive summaries must properly reflect the donation amounts of individual DADA members under a general DADA heading.

Inquiries should be sent to:

Christine Serr,  Abend Gallery
Fine Art
phone:  720-404-5074 



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