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Denver Metro Galleries Revive the Denver Art Dealers Association

 DENVER, Colo. (Jan. 23, 2002) Sixteen art galleries from the Denver metro area have collaborated to form the Denver Art Dealers Association (DADA), a partnership that will provide a unified voice among Denver art dealers to generate awareness of local art galleries and artists.

"Through strategic promotions and educational programs we intend to put Denver art galleries and Colorado artists on the map and in the minds of collectors from this region and around the country," said private dealer Elizabeth Schlosser, Elizabeth Schlosser Fine Art.

DADA is comprised of Denver dealers who display original works of art with established standards of ethics and business practices.  The association is not new to Denver, however.  In 1986, DADA was comprised of approximately 35 galleries mainly located in lower downtown Denver (LODO).  After many galleries left LODO, the organization disbanded in 1999.  Recently, several gallery owners recognized the benefit of working together and reestablished DADA in December 2001 to help create a much-needed regional and national presence for Denver art galleries. 

"Through setting industry standards and educational programs the association will help empower consumers when purchasing art from galleries," said Christine Serr, owner, Abend Gallery.  "DADA is promoting the highest standards in our industry to artists, customers and the community."

To launch its community efforts, DADA will host an open house on Saturday, Feb. 2, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at members' galleries.  As part of the education programs that are being offered, DADA will also sponsor lectures.  A lecture in April 2002 will feature Dianne Vanderlip, curator of Denver Art Museum's Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, who will discuss the Museum's Colorado collection. 

Founding DADA members include Abend Gallery, Artworks, Elizabeth Schlosser Fine Art, Robischion Gallery, William Havu Gallery and Ron Judish Fine Arts.  In addition to the founding members, DADA's galleries include Artyard, Bobbi Walker Fine Art, Camera Obscura, Carson-Masuoka Gallery, GALLERY M, Gallery Sink, Merrill Johnson Gallery, Rule Gallery, Tam O'Neill Fine Arts, David Cook Fine American Art, Walker Fine Art, Indigo Gallery, and William Matthews Gallery. 

Memberships are based on invitation only.  For more information, a list of members and a map of DADA galleries, please visit


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