What is a DADA Member?


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What is a DADA member?  this page as a pdf file

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The Denver Art Dealers Association (DADA) was founded in 1984 and re-established in 2001. This partnership of art dealers and fine art galleries provides a unified voice on issues of mutual concern; to advance standards of excellence, raise awareness and stimulate growth in the visual arts throughout the front-range.

Members are selected for their individual contributions to the cultural life of greater Denver and adhere to ethical and lawful business practices. Supported by their expertise and knowledge, they offer works of high aesthetic quality both privately and through professional exhibitions.

Through its Code of Ethics, the Denver Art Dealers Association assures that each of its member galleries understands its legal obligations, deals fairly and honestly with artists and the public, and maintains a professional and supportive atmosphere among the members. The Code reflects our commitment as an organization to honesty and integrity in all of our business practices.
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What does DADA do?

DADA members participate in numerous national and international activities including partnerships with museums, art centers, scholars and artists. As a public service - through individual and collective actions, they advise other arts organizations, assist in fund-raising for non-profit causes, provide curatorial direction, produce educational programs, advocate for community agencies and assist individuals on matters concerning the visual arts.
Along with providing exhibits and collections at no cost to the viewing public, members of the Denver Art Dealers Association offer a multitude of other services:
• Maintain participation with museums, artists, collectors, art centers and educational institutions
• Through individual and collective actions, advise other arts organizations, assist in fund-raising for
  non-profit causes, provide curatorial direction, advocate for community agencies, and assist
  individuals on matters concerning the visual arts
• Educational programming in collection management in how to build and maintain a collection
• Advocacy and promotion of Denver as an international epicenter for arts and culture

DADA Charitable Donations Guidelines

DADA adheres to a strict set of guidelines regarding charitable donations.  While each DADA member may participate with various charities of its choosing on an individual basis, DADA itself follows a set of criteria that protects the organization from ethical dilemmas that confront our industry.

The Charity & Donations Committee serves to screen donation requests from various organizations that request art, time, space, funds, and contributions in other forms from DADA.  In carrying out this function, our committee focuses on developing relationships with select charities that will enhance DADA’s goals to: "raise awareness and stimulate growth in the visual arts throughout the front-range." More information

Membership Requirements:
  membership application pdf file
• Must be engaged in the profession of selling fine art as the primary focus of the business.
• Must demonstrate expertise in one’s field as acknowledged by peers. (Peers include other
  members of DADA, other known art dealers, museum professionals, known artists.)
• Must demonstrate efforts to educate and raise the level of awareness of visual art in the
  community. (Examples: Being published, public speaking, membership in other art organizations,
  relationships with museums and /or curators of private collections, membership and involvement in
  museum support groups, presenting exhibitions, events, panel discussions, and other ongoing
  contributions to the visual art community.)
• Must meet quality standards of the industry.
• Membership will be limited to Denver Metropolitan area galleries, consultants, industry partners.

Galleries/ Consultants/ Industry Partners:
• At least three years in business. Subject to executive committee approval, a membership vote and
  a required one year probationary period, members may have less than three years in business, if
  combined experience in other galleries or art fields is deemed sufficient to waive the three year
• Galleries must be exhibit galleries with formal exhibit schedules, with regular hours of operation.
• Galleries must not charge artists to exhibit work.
• Consultants/ Industry Partners category includes art consultants, private dealers & industry
  partners such as architects & designers.

Dues Structure:
• Member Galleries/Consultants: $600 annually
• Dues payable in two installments: March and September

To apply for membership:
Interested parties should return membership application to: DADA Membership Committee

  Christine Serr chris@abendgallery.com

The Membership Committee will review materials and will follow up with a site visit. If satisfied that the applicant meets all requirements, the committee will nominate the applicant for membership. At the following monthly meeting the application will be discussed and put to a vote for approval. Nominees will be notified of the results within 48 hours.

New members are then entitled to attend all monthly meetings and vote on matters before the association with one vote per dues payment.

New members are also entitled to be on the DADA web site (updated monthly) and in the DADA Gallery Guide (published twice annually). The Guide format includes a full page per member, gallery location map, and select advertisers. DADA committees are: Gallery Guide, Marketing, Membership, Website, Events and others.



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